Sri Yantra and More Difficult Star Polygons

Do you practice any kind of meditation?

There are  hundreds  of meditation techniques in the world.  The most ancient and deep symbol for musing is the Sri Yantra and more difficult star polygons of old Indian tradition and the newest one.

Nobody in the word can draw them with mathematical exactness and beauty.  I. Can. The secret algorithm was discovered in 1994 and now my gathering of 32 star polygons is the biggest, the best,  and the only.

The original design can give you unique opportunity to concentrate your energy and help you solve any problem in true way.  The symbol can bring peace both to your mind and heart, give power to live, love, create, and be yourself.

Mathematically correct design can be placed in any museum, university study, library, private collection, or in the book about philosophical and religious traditions of ancient Indian teachings – and beautify it!

At least, it is what I have been dreaming many years already.