A Little History On My Own Way

In 1987 I had met a colour photo of the Sri Yantra first time in my life.  Six years I searched a secret way to its construction:  how it could be drawn on a paper in mathematically irreproachable  strong manner.  An ancient algorithm had been found in summer 1993.  Of course, I tried to draw it at that time but it was unsuccessful.  Only in January 5, 1994 I had known exactly every step to this miracle.  The Sri Yantra was being existed in my heart and the colour drawing being  laid n my desk.

Two years /1994 -1995/ I created my own gathering of the star polygons’ graphical works: Sri Yantra and more difficult yantras invisible for human eyes maybe some thousands years yet.  There are 32 paper sheets into three folders and eight years of my life into one second set breath.

Maybe I had been strongly bewitched twenty years ago by beauty of the star only but now I have been every second still believing with the same impression: there is no another symbol in any culture for two past and the third commencing millennium either the most perfect symbol for the whole human being in the universe.

Despite the fact Sri Yantra 14-pointed star polygon has been known in Indian history and was represented before these days in many books concerning philosophical and religious aspect of ancient South Asian culture it is obvious that this symbol  had been used in free hand-drawing manner only.  First time in history of the Internet people can see the photos of Sri Yantra’ diagrams have been executed in clear mathematical key and existing like colourful works of graphical geometry art.

First and absolutely unique is existing of more difficult polygonal diagrams called here Sri Sarvabhava Yantra /Un-being, Out-of-being Yantra/; the 18-pointed star stars have not been known till now for universities, museums, and experts yet.

Especially it has to be underlined that people can see and discuss two variations of Sri Yantra and nine /!!/ variations of absolutely new astral polygons like part of modern mathematical word, flat geometry in particular.

Hope that sometimes the fact of existing more difficult symbols with one root will stimulate further movements in many directories of human knowledge, because the algorithm of its core can be definitely called as universal and multifunctional, transcendental and being existed in and out of time and space simultaneously.

It will be the best from my expectations if this collection of works and manuscript about their creation will help people to share opinion about eternal beauty of the stars like geometry art and discover a new look through the very old ideas.

I really often dream that many of my stars could accept home in other collections of museums, universities, libraries, and private collectors’ gatherings of people interested in the ancient Indian traditions of philosophy, culture, and art.

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