A Little Bit On Discovery of 1994, 5 January

There are not so many ways of existing knowledge in the human society: (1) historically first oral transmission, (2) written tradition, and the most important for us now (3) enlightenment, or creation of new knowledge.  No matter how long did it take of your time: years and years or some days, hours, or seconds.  If one has achieved peace in heart or unexpected solution in mind it would be always one beautiful thing:  process of carrying or creating has just terminated and noted by joyfulness.  Of course, there are many differences between book-to-book experienced readership, terminal-to-terminal information links and one-second understanding of universal principles of wholeness in the world.

Getting closer to the geometrical art of Sri Yantra I have to say it can be hardly performed idea going deeper and deeper into mathematical aspect and philosophy of Sri Yantra’s tradition and running the same time detailed religious aspect having been lost or obscure or rarely remembered by old non-European mathematicians.  I shall not touch neither  drawing skills or any technique of calculation, or quality of paper or driers nor secret rituals with Sri Yantra employed by followers of Sakti schools of Tantric Hinduism.  

My favorite comment about the first insight, or discovery of the algorithm of the art will be short and include triple stratum:

Sri Yantra drawings on paper (despite the fact how difficult it is to perform) are visual symbols of the universe and the easiest way to meet them in life experience is to watch these items in the printed books and museum expositions.  Apparently, Sri Yantra’s secret algorithm of calculation and her ritual colorful implementation will be still left non-transparent for most of educated people and will not be designated for book-to-book reprinting or for teacher-to-adept magic wand transition in principle.

The educated man alone should rise from abyss of soul to secret mechanism of own body and further to mystery of Being.  One of the Indian sources (Atmopanishad) defines this movement from internal atman through external and then to the highest atman as a world soul.  This second way is more complex but if you have read right books and had right teacher you could be in different steps successful in your endeavors but never have met the end goal.

The master of Sri Yantra art must not only organize analytical and poetic thinking styles but join together kinesthetic abilities of hands with breathing and intuitive, holistic and artistic life for a number of years before reaching the result in this art.  Only face-to-face with its soul and the soul of the world the future master can achieve rtambhara prajna (wisdom carrying truth).  This one-second pressed way is the most strongly organized between others and only a few men in the world can use this method and they must never show it to anybody in public.  It is a unique way for the unique one.  No book.  No teacher.  This is what I call the true art of Sri Yantra.

On the one hand the life under light of Sri Yantra includes some levels of meditation techniques beginning from the easiest and fastest settings for everyday carrying body and mental health till the most complex one intending for direct implementation of yantra’s drawings  during first fortnight of lunar month.  The highest level of meditation demands lasting sexual abstinence, or at least sexual life should be harnessed and controlled while processing the yantras from white paper to color design.

On the another hand embodiment of the such original mathematical idea like the algorithm of star polygons can go unpredictably further if we try to watch it from another point of view, excluding abstinence.   It can be used by experienced adept for esoteric sexual practices including 8-12 ritual sexual intercourses during 3-6 hours, 3 days or one week.  It becomes reality after two-three years of strong preparation in breathing, training hand’s movements and controlling of own erotical fantasies.  In the base of such practices can be placed the algorithm of the Sri Yantra art of drawing and meditation.

Coming back to the gist and value of enlightenment it must be said in general that the algorithm of geometrical skill can be a key method having force and opportunity of free existence in many different layers in many different cultures.  The sight of Sri Yantra is only an open symbol for these perfect and secret links between the real practical world and world of mental design.  Absolute bliss of this diagram can be explained shortly in some words: (1) to knew all, (2) all be able to do, and (3) to wish nothing and (4) nothing have to do.  Speaking in other words — to muse on Sri Yantra’s universal perfectness permanently and totally.

My discovery of the algorithm have been lasting twelve years, now anybody can browse the color illustrations for a quarter an hour and see 14- and 18-pointed star polygons which had been non-existing for human eyes circa three thousands.  Three thousand years time was definitely enough for ant kind of mental speculation.  Nobody knows which one is the best.  It is my destiny to follow the beauty of Sri Yantra art.

I tried to be as short as possible but to say enough to go to the more difficult star polygons, the ultimate plan of discovery.


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