The Real Stuff — The More Difficult Star Polygons (Comparing with classical Sri Yantra)

This part will begin from one very important and principal note: if somebody knows the step-by-step algorithm to the Sri Yantra the same person will automatically get the keys to the more difficult star polygons.  Usual situation usual reader encounters looks visa versa: someone advertises its knowledge concerning Sri Yantra teaching but really knows nothing about more complex star polygons.  Thus I can doubt its knowledge of Sri Yantra at all.

On the following pages we shall see the difference and likeness between traditional Sri Yantra and Sri Sarvabhava Yantra (18-pointed star polygon, Sri Yantra of Beyond – my name for it).  The traditional diagram of Sri Yantra is known in two mathematical variations: 6 and 10 touches inside the kernel.  The Sri Sarvabhava Yantra can be drawn with 6 touches only in the main circle but in nine variations of triangles composition at least.  In this review the more difficult star polygons are appeared the first time in history of humankind.

One root algorithm of traditional Sri Yantra has some main branches.  Before going into analyses of the more difficult star polygons we should make some agreements about the terms.  Considering the fact that nobody could observe the more difficult star polygons last two thousand years I had to give names for the new-borns and with great pleasure I suggest Table 2, where Bhupura and Mekhala (basic square and mandala) and first three yantras (lotus petals) are omitted but new yantras underlined and described in Sanskrit, Latin form, and English.


As we have just seen there are four unchangeable chakras inside the kernel with a sum of color triangles 64 and they are the core structure of absolutely new Sarvabhava Yantras.  

The most interesting table is Table 3 Glossary for the simplest and hardest endings I could imagine in  1995.  The general sum of triangles will be variable from 70 to 80 in different examples. As we remember there were only 43 in Sri Yantra level.   Even we can find familiar number of triangles in inner chakras, it will be always another polygon.  I reckon the beauty of these new polygonal stars will be absolutely powerful strength in many regions of culture for some next centuries.  In this place I should stop myself or I should end this paragraph by the Song of Songs.


Of course the art of drawing of  the more difficult star polygons (Sri Sarvabhava Yantra coined in this review) must contain without changing two first requirements concerning drawing tools and knowing exact ratio between diagonal of defense square and the diameter of the kernel for the Sri Yantra and in addition,  there are some new revealed more troubles for analysis:

  • Recently can be geometrically performed only those having six touches 18-pointed polygon in the main kernel
  • More basic triangles must be interlaced — 12, 13, or even 14
  • Bases all triangles have to be strictly parallel as always
  • Apexes of all triangles must lie on the bases of others and on the line of vertical symmetry
  • Eight ‘big cones’ (as counting from left to right in central horizontal line) must lie on the central horizontal line passing through the central dot (Bindu) or central rhombus (the absolutely difficult one)

The most difficult problem is to track right drawing of 42, or 44 intersection of three lines (comparing with only 18 in the Sri  Yantra) without blank spaces inside them at least for aesthetic visual perception

Considering all aspects of more difficult star polygons they existing is practically impossible to prove without universal key algorithm which has been delivered to us through some thousands years by the means of Sri Yantra appearance.  

The good news is I have already drawn  the collection of Sri Yantra and the More Difficult Star Polygons in 1994-95 in general number of 32 items and for easier orientation and detailed comprehension we shall need now a paradigm.


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