The Star Polygons’ Classifier 1994 — The Tool to Make Order For All Tough Guys Referring to Yantra Art

As any piece of art every Sri Yantra drawing needs data and a description which is obligatory to keep our review going further.


The following order, or a paradigm can be used for classification any non-mathematical variation holding in some American, British and European museums, but especially it is destined for concrete mathematically based my private collection.

  1. Name (Sri Yantra, Sri Sarvabhava Yantra, or any others)
  2. Ordinal number (place in the whole collection: 1-18 for Sri Yantra, 19-32 for Sri Sarvabhava Yantra)
  3. Year of creating (usually 1994 for Sri Yantra and 1995 for Sri Sarvabhava Yantra)
  4. Number of point of touches in the kernel (6 or 10 for SY 1-18 and only 6 for SSY 19-32)
  5. The general sum of triangles inside the mandala
  6. Presence, or lack of up-down symmetry in the polygons’ centers
  7. What is a center of star polygon: symmetrical dot (up-down), asymmetrical dot (up-down), rhombus, or another figure/ picture
  8. Diameter (1) of the kernel, minimum, cm and inch
  9. Diameters (2) and (3) of lotus rings of 8 and 16 petals, Sarva-saparipuraka and Sarva-sankshobhana chakra respectively
  10.  Diagonal of defense square (yellow space, Trailokya-mohana chakra)
  11.  Side of the defense square, including bulges, maximum in cm and inch
  12.  Dyes and basic colors (G –  green, B –  blue, R – red)
  13.  Material of the base (vellum, graphic paper, silk, clothe, wood, metal and so on)
  14.   Text of description (notes, additional information, reference links and so on)

All information about all 32 items is gathered in the Tables for every part of collection.  Part One: stars Sri Yantra 1-6 1994, Part Two: stars Sri Yantra 7-18 1994, and Part Three Sri Sarvabhava Yantra 19-32 1995.


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