Please never, ever think on buying the Sri Yantra item unless you are (1) a real collector  must have Sri Yantra anyway, (2) professional working in the field of religious or multicultural relationships and/or (3) mathematician who understands in details what kind of calculation is behind Sri Yantra polygons’ miracle modern computers cannot solve and only I can, (4) the man on your way to control your own spirit.

A)  But Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Robert Fripp, Carlos Santana, Nassim Taleb, and Ben Bernanke can buy this item as soon as possible:)

B)  Maybe Bill Gates can join list A) too.

Just remember one thing well: it isn’t just a drawing on the paper, or a kind of 15 minutes exercise for one’s hands and minds. It’s still a challenge for very few people on this planet in spite of bunches of $25 offers of Sri Yantra in the net.  And keep in mind more difficult star polygons, the most delicious part of my collection (32 items) human beings never seen before. Ha.

NOTE: No discount for elite groups A and B.  In general, my new slogan is ‘no discount in 2011 at all’


Step 1   Forget about buying anything.  Push ‘search’.  NOT ON GOOGLE.  Days, weeks, or months.  If you will still feel sympathy and have a wish after that to buy the item, send me a polite conversation with contact information.

NOTE: ‘Search’ is a small button in your HEART  having  almost the same location at different people, just consult your psychologist, I am 100% sure it works out.

Step 2  Of course, I don’t believe you because I am both cynic and misanthrope but  if I shall still think after our correspondence that the Sri Yantra item will be placed in right hands and in a right place, I would frankly reply you in some days, weeks, or months.

Step 3   We could have friendly preliminary agreement about making deal to the end.

Step 4   You (BUYER) will follow the Etsy.com rules to the end of the deal.

NOTE: Don’t cheat, stupid mazafaka!  I am God damn serious now!

Step 5   I (SELLER) shall follow the Etsy.com rules to the end of the deal.

Step 6   The deal is done for me, when I shall have your payment and opportunity to spend money on other sites including post office payment I don’t know the exact sum now.

Step 7   The deal is done for you when you will be an owner of the item you liked the best and you will be on your own way to study Sri Yantra with original drawing (knowing all kind of information from the specialist via the internet, remember the button ‘search’).

NOTE:   If you have already forgot about the button ‘search’, go to the NOTE of Step 1. If you forgot Step 1, stop reading, go consult your favourite nurse.

SERIOUS NOTE:   It can be a difference in time between Step 6 and 7, and if you don’t believe you will be an owner of this item, come back to the Step 1 right now!

Step 8    If you have questions after reading all relevant information (I bet, you will!) including this Guide don’t hesitate to ask me anything you want to ask.

NOTE:    It doesn’t mean I am going to answer all stupid questions of all idiots on the whole planet. I am not having enough time for that.


Control question:  How many Steps are there in this Guide?

Your answer is ‘8’ — You are genius, you don’t need any guide at all.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Go shopping!

Your answer is ‘5-7’ — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Go buy beer, you deserve a bit to rest.

Your answer is ‘2-4’ — No comments, just progress comparing with answer ‘1’.

Your answer is ‘1’ — That is impossible, but next year 2013 will be much better for you, because it cannot be worse anyway. Drink milk, go sleep.

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