This Is a Twin Sister of Sri Yantra 03, 1994 — Sri Yantra 04, 1994


SRI YANTRA # 04, 1994


10 points of touch in kernel

14+10+10+8=42 colour triangles in kernel

Diameter of kernel 11.9 cm; 4 11/16’’

Diameter of mandala min 16.6 cm; 6 5/8’’; max  21.2 cm; 8 3/8’’

Diagonal of defence square 31 cm; 12 3/16’’

Side of defence square max 25.6 cm; 10 1/16’’


The whole collection 1994-95 Sri Yantra and More Difficult Star Polygons consists of 32 items. Some of them are in the private collections, some of them aren’t for sale at all.  Every item is covered by half-transparent protective paper fixed back right side by small drops of glue, it flips easily and/or can be promptly removed.

This is a twin sister of previous one, Sri Yantra # 04, the only difference is that it is of blue (more difficult colour to control by brush) colour.  The lines of mandala and square of defence increase their width inside out from centre dot.  Every Sri Yantra star has 18 points of three lines’ interlacing, and they must be without empty space inside, that’s the key to mathematical design and old wisdom, and parallel and straight lines serve same goal too.

Frankly, this item isn’t an item of sacred geometry art at all, it’s my life, my brain and heart, as is. I feel the beauty of stars now with the same passion as it was fifteen years ago. Quite a fact, a nice feeling to begin every new day of the year.  In English I’d like to describe it with the word ‘bewitched’.

The story of discovery of the ancient mathematical algorithm, its perfection in two variations (easy – 6 points of touch and more complex – 10 points of touch) of Sri Yantra and nine /!!/ variations of more difficult star polygons, Sri Sarvabhava Yantra (part of them at least) can be seen here very soon, in June 2012.


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