Sri Yantra and the Dictionaries: Gentle Touch So To Say

Why we respect dictionaries? Yes, they are smart and strict in definitions. Let’s google ‘sri yantra dictionary’. Wow, the result is 2,300,000. Let’s check it up, at least the three pages of search engine.

Well, from the thirty sources the three deserve to be mentioned 🙂

For example, here you can find multilingual translations, thanks for that:


The second examples gives us opportunity to get the titles of three valuable books (if you weren’t glad to get my list of ten in the previous posts 🙂 :


And, the first place goes to the mystical one:


Especially I liked that: Etymology, 1877. Simple like this. No reference to source. If you want, you can believe, if you don’t want, do not believe. Is everybody so free in the business of compiling dictionary entries?

I have a feeling, that now more questions walk the earth in my head than it was a couple of days before.

Why wise men are not happy dealing with the best of dictionaries?

Because we, smart people, are smarter than the smartest of them 🙂

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