Sri Yantra in China: in trading unite!

Indian impact is a very decisive part of Chinese history but unfortunately my humble efforts to learn Chinese don’t help to get answers to the very simple questions:

Do Chinese educated people know Sri Yantra phenomenon? Do they have publications, books, scientists, mathematicians, geometry fans, or just curious people which are interested in the topic? Do Chinese dictionaries have the definitions of Sri Yantra, tantrism, tantric teachings, and historic references to the ancient or Middle Ages texts? How about universities’ staff and students? Is there anything important here to discuss I’ve missed due to my ignorance?

I have other questions in great numbers and those pages I have already seen online with keywords ‘sri yantra, china, chinese’ simply don’t look like we, scientists, do science at the turn of the last millennium (sarcasm:).

Good news, you could buy a T-shirt bearing the Sri Yantra symbol as well in China  as you could do it everywhere on the planet Earth online.

God bless merchandise for Sri Yantra’s sake!