Sri Yantra in Japan: Some Miserable Lines on Google‘n’Blogging (Don’t Read It)

I really like long Japan history, short stories of anime movies, long (too long to my taste) Japanese language textbooks and short (but never short enough) mini skirts of Japanese high school girls, small and clean houses and streets of Japanese cities, very original culture, antiquity, architecture, music, literature, flying nijia movies and solid sushi traditions, (Zen and Japanese Culture by Daisetz Suzuki above all that),  and so on (just blogging:)

Somehow I feel myself (1) miserable thinking on lack of Sri Yantra entry on Japanese wikipedia branch, and (2) sorry due to my humble achievements in study of Japanese despite the presence of absolutely stunning learning materials online and all that jazz of modern computer technologies, and so on (just blogging desperately:(

Well, Japanese people don’t look like much interested in Sri Yantra study, so why should we rock the Japanese  science boat?  Just don’t!

The most funniest stuff is when you could probably repeat my googling ‘sri yantra+japan’ you’ll get my foolish blog page in the first lines… but remember, the brightest side you’ve already learnt is what to do: don’t read it, don’t like it, don’t follow, and don’t tell your friends what embarrassment people feel after reading Sri Yantra in Japan rock’n’blog.

However, I liked the title: sounds well (like another Haruki Murakami design).


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