Sri Yantra Master and the Encyclopedia of Taoism


One Big Note on One Big Joy

Well, reading 1600 pages took 40 days, making hand-written and pen-brushed synopsis of the most important pages (to my taste at least) took another 40 days, and putting paper synopsis into some computer apps to enjoy them everywhere on the go took another month. In sum, it is four months of reading from December 2013 till May 2014, and pleasure was always mine.

Yes, there are approximately 800 entries in the whole two volumes, but only 80 proved to be my favorite: Cosmogony, Cosmology, Biqi, Dantian, Dao, Fuqi, Ganzhi, Guan, Gui, Heqi, Hetu and Luoshu, Huainan zi, Huangdi neijing, Hun and po, Hundun, Huohou, Ishinpo, Jindan, Jingzuo, Kunlun, Lianqi, Lianxing (1st volume) and Mawandui manuscripts, Mingmen, Mingtang, Neidan, Neiye, Niwan, Nudan, Penlai, Qigong, Qixue, Rong Cheng, Sanguan, Sanyi, Shengren, Shouyi, Taiji quan, Taiji tu, Taixi, Taiyi jinhua zongzhi, Ti and Yong, Tiaoqi, Tuna, Waidan, Wu and you, Wudan shan, Wuji and Taiji, Wuwei, Wuxing, Wuzang, Xianren, Xiantian and Houtian, Xin, Xingqi, Xuanguan, Xuannu, Yangsheng, Yi, Yijing, Yin and Yang, Yuanqi, Yuanqi lun, Yunu, Zaohua, Zhan chilong, Zhang Boduan, Zhang Sanfeng, Zhenren, Zhenwu, Zhongxi, Zhoutian, Zhuangzi, Zi, Ziran, Zuowang (2nd volume), and some notes on Periodization of Chinese History and Bibliography.

Yes, there are more than 40 great contributors in this edition (by the way, I used Kindle to read and make highlights and add notes) but only nineteen are my favorites now:  Isabelle ROBINET, Catherine DESPEUX, Livia KOHN, Fabrizio PREGADIO (EDITOR), Monica ESPOSITO, Christopher CULLEN, MIURA Kunio, Elisabeth HSU, Farzeen BALDRIAN-HUSSEIN, Martina DARGA, Russell KIRKLAND, Thomas E. Smith, Gil RAZ, KIM Daeyeol, Robin D.S.YATES, Vincent GOOSSAERT, SAKADE Yoshinobu, Caroline GYSS, and Theodore A. COOK.

After months of happiness of reading I have to note only two errata in two different articles–(1) GANZHI Table 7. Two end signs from the left column STEMS (11 and 12) should be placed to the right column BRANCHES, 11 and 12 correspondingly: xu and hai. (2) NIWAN In this article some words under number (7) “One inch above the Palace of the Jade Emperor” should be replaced by words “one inch above the Cavern Chamber.”

And I am definitely going to keep my inner joy with me, twit and tumblr it everywhere it can be possible to share 🙂–set-ebook/dp/B000SFM6A4/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1400426277&sr=1-1&keywords=encyclopedia+of+taoism

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