ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM: Guodian manuscripts


The site of Guōdiàn 郭店 (Húbĕi 湖北) was excavated in 1993, but it took five years to make the texts public.


Isabelle Robinet writes:”Manuscripts related to Taoism and Confucianism were found in tomb no. 1, datable to between 350 and 300 BCE and apparently belonging to the teacher of a Chu prince”.

I would like to miss some lines about three versions of Laŏzi 老子 (A, B, and C: probably c. 500 BCE) and move to the manuscript on cosmogony which is incomplete but can say enough about intellectual atmosphere of the Warring States period and will be useful again when we meet texts from the next big excavation related to Mawandui, Chansha (Hunan) tombs. There are only fourteen bamboo slips, 304 glyphs in the text and the first line is Tàiyī shēng shuĭ 太一生水 (The Great One Generated Water). Isabelle Robinet believes that it is the oldest known Chinese cosmogonic text and this is the main reason I became interested to find a link where it is published in Traditional Chinese and contains English and German translation.



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