Héqì 合氣  1. ‘merging pneumas’, ‘union of breaths’; 2. harmonization of vital energy

It is a name of a very ancient ritual rooted in the early Way of the Celestial Masters (Tianshi dao) during the second century CE.

One of the few possible sources is Dòngzhēn huángshū 洞真黃書 (Yellow Writ of the Cavern of Perfection) and a researcher, Livia Kohn tells us that the text “presents charts and lists of auspicious dates for the practice of sexual intercourse.  It explains the relationship of Yin and Yang in terms of Stems and Branches (ganzhi) of the traditional Chinese calendar (especially the six jia; see liujia and liuding); the Five Phases (wuxing) and the twenty-four energy nodes (jieqi 節氣) of the year; the Nine Palaces (jiugong) in the sky and the eight trigrams (bagua) of the Yijing; and the various gods residing in the human body.”

It is definitely looks like a special, exotic way making love for mathematicians only, especially for those involved in combinatorics level, or should I switch to another part of the L. Kohn’s article where she mentioned gymnastics (daoyin), massage, concentration exercises, and visualization before sexual practice which sounds a way much more familiar, almost tantra 🙂

And one more thing. At least you have to be sure your teacher is an absolutely amazing person. Plus you are the absolutely amazing person too. Hence, Héqì.


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