ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM: Huáinán zi 淮南子 Book of the Master of Huainan

Modern scientists believe that “A key document of early Han thought, the Huainan zi is a composite and encyclopedic work in twenty-one chapters dating from ca. 139 BCE. It was compiled at the court of Liu An 劉安(179?-122), king of Huainan (present-day Anhui) and grandson of the founder of the Han dynasty”—Isabelle Robinet, an author of this encyclopedia entry, and this book really has so many quotations in so many sources I have met before.
Seeing by the eyes of scholars, I. Robinet keeps going: “The Huainan zi offers the longest development on the Dao since the Daode jing and the Zhuangzi. The Dao is indescribable and unfathomable. It is the source of everything in the world, contains everything, can do everything and its contrary, and can take all forms. It cannot be paired with anything and is unique. Everything and every being takes its meaning in reference to the eternal Dao, which one must cultivate to fulfill one’s destiny and true nature”. 
I think this was the most interesting paragraph for me because after that I can come back to my favorite texts and ideas of early Chinese culture with easy heart. It is just happened I am not interested in Confucianism and/or conventional Taoism, but do interested in “cultivation of Dao to fulfill my destiny and true nature”. Very true.
One last thing. In another place of the article “the idea of resonance (gănyìng 感應) and interaction among all levels of reality” will be underlined as lying in the base such syncretic work Huainan zi really is. Agree, and cannot help myself to add another citation from another book of another culture at all. “The universe is continuum of an unfragmented plena, a stage in the vibratory scale which can be equated with the pre-creative stage of Prakriti…It is around these concepts that techniques and processes of sound syllables and their visual equivalents are built up in the mantra and yantra rituals”—The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual by Ajit Mookerjee and Madhu Khanna, p.106. It is not a real bridge to tantra teaching, for me it is like to say hi to your another dear before a morning cup of coffee.


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