ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (PRIVATE NOTES): Nèidān 內丹 inner elixir, inner alchemy


This entry was written by a specialist, Farzeen Baldrian-Hussein, and contains enough information to make my life more complex and hard to think. So, the first thing first, let us turn what he had done in seven clicks (screens) into one click (screen). I mean to find a couple of nice quotations to digest this encyclopedia article in the easy and understandable way in several minutes.

 “The aim of nèidān 內丹 is described as achieving immortality or a state of union with the Dao; this is variously imagined as attaining the rank of celestial immortal (tiānxiān 天仙), becoming a “celestial official” (tiānguān 天官) in the otherworldly bureaucracy, joining one’s spirit with the Dao (yúshén hé dào 與神合道), or obtaining “release from the corps”. In all these instances, a neidan master is thought not to die, but undergo a voluntary metamorphosis.” Absolutely great idea for many, especially that part on immortality which I would like to throw away as soon as possible. But that line, ‘a state of union with the Dao’ is deserved to be learnt by heart. Yúshén hé dào 與神合道, duh!

“Originally, the neidan adepts did not belong to any particular group of Taoists; they were mostly individuals who practiced the art with the help of a master or followed the instruction of certain texts.”—(F. Baldrian-Hussein). See, there is no particular need to go anywhere and become a part of any society actually. Once again, I am glad that I have read the whole article, because ‘mostly individuals’ and ‘a state of union with the Dao’ this is exactly what I have been feeling many years already. The means, I quess are still the same: ‘nourishing life’ (yangsheng), meditation on breathing (xingqi), gymnastics (daoyin), and sexual guidance (fangzhong shu).

Probably the best place for those practices you can find in this picture atop. But I prefer my room as always :))