“Belief in the existence of the paradisiacal isles Pénglái 蓬萊, Fāngzhàng 方丈, and Yíngzhōu 瀛洲 in the seas off China’s eastern coast originated in the coastal populations of the ancient states of Yān 燕 and Chí 齊 (modern Shandong).”—Thomas E. Smith (Encyclopedia of Taoism), and it was very popular to go to search these islands in IV-III BCE. The actual entry in the encyclopedia  is much longer, including five islands set and more, ten islands as far as legend was developed next millennium.

It is really a relief to know about existence of the islands in the imaginable word and there is no place for politicians there: Pénglái 蓬萊 island just cannot be divided among China, Japan, and Russia. This is an abode for immortals only and this is exactly the place I want to see myself.

For extroverts at best we have Shambala restaurant in India, and (guess what?) Penglai hotels’ chain in China (with restaurants). And the word  “Hollywood” comes to mind the first :)))

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