Why three and where are they located? 

The Three Passes present three stages of nèidān 內丹 alchemy and they are located along the Control Channel dūmài 督脈 (yang phase, qi moves up) and the Function Channel rènmài 任脈 (yin phase, qi moves down).

What are the names (Traditional Chinese, and Pinyin with tones as always, please) for every pass and details of location?

“The first pass, at the level of the coccyx, is called wĕilǘ 尾閭 (Caudal Funnel). The second pass, located in the middle of the spinal column where it joins the ribs at chest level (at shoulder blades), is called jiájĭ 夾脊 (Spinal Handle). The third pass is at the level of the occipital bone and is called yùzhĕn 玉枕 (Jade Pillow). It is also referred to as tiĕbì 鐵壁 (Iron Wall), as it  is regarded as the most difficult barrier to overcome.”

Why are there quotation marks above?

The four sentences were extracted from the encyclopedia article: Encyclopedia of Taoism, Routledge, Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2008.

Whom the article was written by?

Monica Esposito.

Is it right that the third pass referred as the most difficult barrier to overcome?

Believe me, duh!

Why Sanguan into sriyantramaster’s blog?

Why not? Actually, this is a part of the plan to enjoy in life studying three Asian languages simultaneously and share this joy through blog pages with others. After last blog in category “taoism” it can be Japanese martial art text or popular styles of yoga, or my own translation of ancient pages on erotica which brought so much light to my room. Again, why not? When business people do business for profit and Kshatriyas make money during wartime what are wise men supposed to do?

To consult them all?

:-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), :-), 🙂

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