ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (A MOUNTAIN NOTE): Wŭdāng shān 武當山 Mount Wudang (Hubei)

wudang shanstamp copy
The author of article in the body of volume is Vincent Goossaert, I have just put tones and some Traditional Chinese glyphs in these two short quotes of him:

“There are mentions of this beautiful mountain site (1600 m high, located in the northern part of Hubei province) in ancient geographical sources, and there were Taoist ascetics associated with it. But Mount Wudang only came to national fame during the late thirtieth century, when it was recognized as the place where the martial exorcist god Zhēnwŭ 真武 (Perfected Warrior, or Authentic Warrior) had practiced ascetic exercises leading to immortality.”

“Last but not least, Mount Wudang 武當山 emerged, apparently during the mid-Qing, at the center of a distinct school of martial arts associated with Zhāng Sānfēng 張三丰, known as Tàijí quán 太極拳. Training in Tàijí quán, with either Taoist or lay masters, is now one of the major attraction of the mountain.”

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