ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (PRIVATE NOTE ON CHINESE AND THE BIG LEBOWSKI CLASSIC): Wúwéi 無為 non-action, non-interference, non-intervention

“Wuwei or “non-action” means to do things the natural way, but not interfering with the patterns, rhythms, and structures of nature, without imposing one’s own intentions upon the organization of the world. The term appears first, and most prominently, in the Daode jing, where it is coupled several times with the phrase wú bùwéi 無不為, “and there will be nothing that is not done.””—Livia Kohn

“In the Zhuangzi, non-action appears as a more psychological mode and is a characteristic of spontaneity (ziran), the main quality of the embodied Dao. It means to be free in mind and spirit and able to wander about the world with ease and pleasure (see yuanyou), to engage in an ecstatic oneness with all-there-is. Yet another dimension of non-action evolved with the rise of cosmological thought in the Han. In the thought of Huang-Lao Taoism, non-action meant to be in perfect alignment with the movements of the seasons, the planets, and the times. Yin and Yang in their various alterations were the key pattern to follow and non-action meant less the not doing of something than the doing of the right thing at the right time. From this point onward, and in mainstream Chinese thought, non-action became a form of action, coinciding with the best possible action or yŏuwéi 有為 in both social and political practice.”—Livia Kohn

That is funny to remember the phrase ‘the doing of the right thing at the right time’ as it was said in the movie The Big Lebowski and of course, that is the thing which turns a man into the man, mensch. So, two different civilizations actually have so much in common recently and are so close to each other (almost as in the picture of world leaders in Brisbane, Australia 2014, with American and Chinese presidents in the center).

I though a bit, what I could possibly add to a couple of citations above, and you know what, I have decided to do nothing, 無為 (wuwei), just reread it again and get another second of agreement somewhere deep inside my heart again.

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