ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (A PRIVATE NOTE): Yùnǚ 玉女 jade woman, jade maiden

03 yunuyu
Frankly, it is impossible to pass the article in the encyclopedia titled like this.

“Although Yùnǚ 玉女 is usually translated as “jade woman” or “jade maiden,” this translation may be questionable since the term yù 玉 (jade) also means “precious” and “beautiful.” Already at an early date, however, the term Yùnǚ also designated a female immortal…. In mystical practices, the Jade Woman is also the celestial spouse of the practitioner.”—Caroline Gyss

“The term Yùnǚ is also applied as a generic appellation for young female deities in the popular pantheon, such as the Jade Woman of Mount Tai (Tàishān yùnǚ 泰山玉女), also known as Bixia yuanjun.”—Caroline Gyss

Through long and multifaceted history of Chinese civilization this term played many various roles and sinologists give us recently some reasons to think about it again and again. But from modern point of view if I see somewhere online a beautiful Chinese girl’s photo what can stop me to recall this term just to feel its beautiful taste once more time: 玉女.
01 demy-gods

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