“Zĭ 子 is the first of the twelve Earthy Branches (dìzhī 地支; see gānzhī 干支). Among the directions, it indicates due north, in contrast to wŭ 午 which stands for due south. As a division of time, within the day it indicates the “double hour” (shí 時) between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., and within the yearly cycle it indicates the winter solstice, in contrast to wŭ 午 which stands for the summer solstice. Thus Zi 子 is the point where the sun, representing the Yang principle, begins to rise. After the sun reaches its zenith in midsummer at wŭ, it begins its declining phase and gives rise to Yin. In the Yijing, the winter solstice (zi) corresponds to the hexagram fù 復 (Return, no. 24) and the summer solstice (wŭ 午) corresponds to the hexagram gòu 姤 (Encounter, no. 44).”—Miura Kunio

This is the last chance on the pages of project ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM for me to say something smart on Chinese combinatoric reflection system, or Chinese passion of cataloguing of everything, or reference style of Chinese thinking, or whatever you call it. Sometimes it doesn’t look easy for people craved on absolute freedom, for artists, free thinkers, and the cream of society—politicians, bankers, and CEO. Actually, it looks sympathetic for short memorizing almost all millions of things and wishes surrounding us as Mount Everest of bright goals and luscious ambitions. What Chinese thought in very restricted number of ancient texts can tell us on a simple numbers’ row from 0 to 9 is worthy to think about the whole life. And this is exactly what I am trying to do the best part of my day: to subscribe myself inside the row of simple ideas and simple behavior leading to the longevity (just to see all my enemies’ dead bodies (real and imaginative) passing in the river flow).

Me, smiling on the slope down to the river and keep smiling on the deathbed 🙂

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