“The term zuòwàng 坐忘 designates a state of deep trance or intense absorption, during which no trace of ego-identity is felt and only the underlying cosmic current of the Dào 道 is perceived as real. The classical passage describing  the state occurs in Zhuāngzĭ 莊子 (Chapter 6): “I smash up my limbs and body, drive out perception and intellect, cast out form, do away with understanding, and make myself identical with the Great Thoroughfare (dàtòng 大通)” (trans. Watson 1968). This passage presents a mental state of complete unknown, of loss of personal identity and self, and a kind of total immersion in the Non-being of the universe.”—Livia Kohn

As far as I can see nobody can drive a car following these conditions (Zhuāngzĭ 莊子, Chapter 6), rule a small business, or communicate with family and friends, or whatever else. This is something special we can train during our long life more or less successfully in every individual case. I was lucky once in my life getting knowledge of Sri Yantra algorithm and More Difficult Star Polygons: this sequence of steps was in oblivion and these polygons are still in oblivion, especially More Difficult Star Polygons, or better to say, people are still ignorant of their existence at all. And I can do nothing to help because I am still ignorant of making people listening to me. Of course, the existence of such beautiful polygons meant a lot to my training. Frankly, oblivion was the gift and gist of every gesture I did while drawing them on the blank sheet of paper in 1994-95.

Trying to live every day and every minute in agreement with Dao is a beautiful dream (too much distractions act around us), and I am happy enough just getting proper daoyin or yoga session for 20-30 minutes every day. Such training somehow brings me closer to the dream, yes, and that is enough for us, mortals. But this is another story.



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