Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 10 of 26

Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 10 of 26

110   01   治心在於中       zhì xīn zài yú zhōng

111   02   治言出於口       zhì yán chū yú kŏu

112   03   治事加於人       zhì shì jiā yú rén

113   04   然則天下治矣   rán zé tiān xià zhì yĭ

114   05   一言得               yī yán de

115   06   而天下服           ér tiān xià fú

116   07   一言定               yī yán dìng

117   08   而天下聽           ér tiān xià tìng

118   09   公之謂也           gōng zhī wèi yĕ



With a well-ordered mind within you,

Well-ordered words issue forth from your mouth,

And well-ordered tasks are imposed on others.

Then all under heaven will be well-ordered.

“When one word is grasped,

All under the heavens will submit.

When one word is fixed,

All under heavens will listen.”

It is this [word “Way”] to which the saying refers.

(Translated by Harold D. Roth, 1999)

a regulated heart at his center,
regulated words come forth from his mouth,

he engages others in regulated affairs,

and thus the world is regulated.
In one phrase he grasps it and the world submits;

in one phrase he sets it and the world obeys – this is called impartiality.

(Translated by Robert Eno, 2005)

A regulated heart/mind resides in his center,

Regulated speech comes from his mouth,

Regulated duties are assigned to people.

Then, the world is regulated!

One word is attained by him, and the world obeys him;

One word settles him, and the world listens to him.

We call him fair and just!

(Translated by Bruce R. Linnell, 2011)


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