Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 12 of 26

Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 12 of 26

125   01   神明之極       shén míng zhī jí

126   02   照乎知萬物   zhào hū zhī wàn wù

127   03   中守不忒       zhōng shŏu bù tè

128   04   不以物亂官   bù yĭ wù luàn guān

129   05   不以官亂心   bù yĭ guān luàn xīn

130   06   是謂中得       shì wèi zhōng de



The numinous [mind]: no one knows its limit;

It intuitively knows the myriad things.

Hold it within you, do not let it waver.

To not disrupt your senses with external things,

To not disrupt your mind with your senses:

This is called “grasping it within you.”

(Translated by Harold D. Roth, 1999)

The polar limit of spirit-like brilliance shines in the understanding.

The central rightness of the world of things is flawlessly preserved.

Not letting things disrupt the senses;

not letting the senses disrupt the heart–

such is called inner grasping.

(Translated by Robert Eno, 2005)

This highest of spirit-like understanding –
Is it illuminating?
You will understand the ten thousand creatures.

Maintain the righteousness of the center, and you will not err:

Do not allow creatures to confuse your senses,

Do not allow the senses to confuse your heart/mind.

This is called attaining the center.

(Translated by Bruce R. Linnell, 2011)


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