Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 17 of 26

Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 17 of 26

203   01   凡道           fán dào

204   02   必周必密   bì zhōu bì mì

205   03   必寬必舒   bì kuān bì shū

206   04   必堅必固   bì jiān bì gù

207   05   守善忽捨   shŏu shàn hū shĕ

208   06   逐淫澤薄   zhú yín zé báo

209   07   既知其極   jì zhī qí jí

210   08   反於道德   făn yú dào dé



For all [to practice] this Way:

You must coil, you must contract,

You must uncoil, you must expand,

You must be firm, you must be regular [in this practice].

Hold fast to this excellent [practice]; do not let go of it.

Chase away the excessive; abandon the trivial.

And when you reach its ultimate limit

You will return to the Way and the inner power.

(Translated by Harold D. Roth, 1999)

The Dao is always abundant and dense,

always broad and easy,

always hard and steady.

Guard the good and never release it,
expel excess and let go of narrowness.

Once knowing the extremes,
return to the force of the Dao.

(Translated by Robert Eno, 2005)

Always: Dao is
Certainly complete, certainly all-pervasive,

Certainly magnanimous, certainly relaxed,

Certainly hard, certainly strong.

Maintain your virtue and never give up;

To pursue excess disperses and weakens it.

Once you understand the extremes,
Return to Dao and De.

(Translated by Bruce R. Linnell, 2011)


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