Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 24 of 26

Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 24 of 26

312   01   大心而敢               dà xīn ér găn

313   02   寬氣而廣               kuān qì ér guăng

314   03   其形安而不移       qí xíng ān ér bù yí

315   04   能守一而棄萬苛   néng shŏu yī ér qì wàn kē

316   05   見利不誘               jiàn lì bù yòu

317   06   見害不懼               jiàn hài bù jù

318   07   寬舒而仁               kuān shū ér rén

319   08   獨樂其身               dú lè qí shēn

320   09   是謂雲氣               shì wèi yún qì

321   10   意行似天               yì háng sì tiān



When you enlarge your mind and let go of it,

When you relax your vital breath and expand it,

When your body is calm and unmoving:

And you maintain the One and discard the myriad disturbances,

You will see profit and not be enticed by it,

You will see harm and not be frightened by it.

Relaxed and unwound, yet acutely sensitive,

In solitude you delight in your own person.

This is called “revolving the vital breath”:

Your thoughts and deeds seem heavenly.

(Translated by Harold D. Roth, 1999)

Enlarge your heart and be daring;
make your qi magnanimous and broad.

With form at rest and unmoving,
you will be able to guard your oneness and discard a myriad burdens.

On seeing profit, you will not be enticed.
On seeing danger, you will not be frightened.

With easy magnanimity you will be jen,

and alone, you will delight in your person.

This is called cloud-like qi,

for thoughts float in it as clouds in heaven.

(Translated by Robert Eno, 2005)

When you expand your heart/mind and free it,
When your Qi is magnanimous and vast,
When your form is calm and unchanging:
You can maintain Oneness and reject the ten thousand trivialities,

You see profit and are not tempted,

You see trouble and are not frightened.
You are magnanimous, relaxed, and kind;
When alone, you are happy with your self.
This is called cloud-like Qi–
Your intent and behavior resemble that of heaven.

(Translated by Bruce R. Linnell, 2011)


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