Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 26 of 26

Nèiyè 內業 Inner Cultivation: part 26 of 26

336   01   靈氣在心       líng qì zài xīn

337   02   一來一逝       yī lái yī shì

338   03   其細無內       qí xì wú nèi

339   04   其大無外       qí dà wú wài

340   05   所以失之       suŏ yĭ shī zhī

341   06   以躁為害       yĭ zào wéi hài

342   07   心能執靜       xīn néng zhí jìng

343   08   道將自定       dào jiàng zì dìng

344   09   得道之人       de dào zhī rén

345   10   理丞而毛泄   lĭ chéng ér máo xiè

346   11   匈中無敗       xiōng zhōng wú bài

347   12   節慾之道       jié yù zhī dào

348   13   萬物不害       wàn wù bù hài



That mysterious vital energy within the mind:

One moment it arrives, the next it departs.

So fine, there is nothing within it;

So vast, there is nothing outside it.

We lose it

Because of the harm caused by mental agitation.

When the mind can hold on to tranquility,

The Way will become naturally stabilized.

For people who have attained the Way

It permeates their pores and saturates their hair.

Within their chest, they remain unvanquished.

[Follow] this Way of restricting sense-desires

And the myriad things will not cause you harm.

(Translated by Harold D. Roth, 1999)

The magical qi within the heart,

now it comes, now departs.

It is so small that there can be nothing within it.

It is so great that there can be nothing outside it.

It is lost through the harm of agitation.
If the heart can grip tranquility,

the Dao will spontaneously fix itself therein.

In he who grasps the Dao
it steams through the lines of his face and seeps from his hair.

There is no failing within his breast.

With the Dao of moderating desires,

the things of the world cannot harm him.

(Translated by Robert Eno, 2005)

This potent Qi in your heart/mind:
One moment it arrives, one moment it departs.

It is so tiny there is nothing inside it,
It is so great there is nothing outside it.

The reason that you lose it
Is because impatience causes harm.
When the heart/mind can maintain stillness,

Dao will naturally settle there.

For people who attain Dao:
Regulation supports it and it will not dissipate easily,

So that the center in their breast does not fail them.

When following the Dao of restraining desire,
The ten thousand creatures do not cause harm.

(Translated by Bruce R. Linnell, 2011)


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