Nine Kinds of People Who Will Celebrate Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 Soon!


Sūn Sīmiăo 孫思邈 (c.581-682) from his book Fúshòu lùn 福壽論 about nine different kinds of people (citation from Livia Kohn’s Chinese Healing Exercises: The Tradition of Daoyin):

  • sages who embody the Dao in non-action
  • worthies who know misfortunes but do not cheat to avoid them
  • accomplished ones who obey destiny and do not pursue anything beyond their level
  • faithful people who guard their faith and rest in calm tranquility no matter what happens
  • benevolent folks who are modest and diligent, caring and circumspect in their relations with others
  • knights who are dedicated in service and maintain respect at all times
  • ordinary people who observe the principles but are careless about their implementation
  • ignorant ones who are obstinate in their egotism and cannot be convinced to pay attention to the greatest flux
  • and, finally, small men who actively go agains the Dao, keeping themselves busy without even thinking about the greater picture.

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