(Traditional Chinese with tone, Latin, English, and an amount of acupoints, total 618)

The ancients texts Neiye and Xingqi give us cosmogonical foundation basics, but modern interpretation looks much more complicated. The good news is it is become common terms now for all people who prefer to follow traditional Chinese medicine or martial arts teachings and practices no matter where they live now. Welcome to the Computer Age:)

FIRST CYCLE ENERGY (3-6) 3 am — 11 am

太 陰 — 陽 明 tài yīn — yáng míng

3 yín  hǔ tiger 3-5 am The 5th Watch

手太 陰 經  shǒu tài yīn jīng

Cardinalis pulmonalis yin maioris manus

The Lung Meridian, 11.

4 mǎo  tù rabbit 5-7 am Dōng, N

手陽 明 經  shǒu yáng míng jīng

Cardinalis intestini crassi splendoris yang manus

The Large Intestine Meridian, 20.

5 chén  lóng dragon 7-9 am

腿 陽 明 經   tuǐ yáng míng jīng

Cardinalis stomachi splendoris yang pedis

The Stomach Meridian, 45.

6 sì  shé snake 9-11 am

腿太 陰 經 tuǐ tài yīn jīng

Cardinalis lienalis yin maioris pedis

The Spleen Meridian, 21.

SECOND CYCLE ENERGY (7-10) 11 am — 7 pm

少 陰 –太 陽 shǎo yīn — tài yáng

7 wǔ  mǎ horse 11 am – 1 pm Nán, S

手少 陰 經 shǒu shǎo yīn jīng

Cardinalis cardialis yin minoris manus

The Heart Meridian, 9.

8 wèi yáng ram 1-3 pm

手太陽 經 shǒu tài yáng jīng

Cardinalis intestini tenuis yang maioris manus

The Small Intestine Meridian, 19.

9 shēn  hóu monkey 3-5 pm

腿太陽 經 tuǐ tài yáng jīng

Cardinalis vesicalis yang maioris pedis

The Bladder Meridian, 67.

10 yǒu  jī rooster 5-7 pm Qiū, W

腿少 陰 經 tuǐ shǎo yīn jīng

Cardinalis renalis yin minoris pedis

The Kidney Meridian, 27.

THIRD CYCLE ENERGY (11-12-1-2) 7 pm — 3 am

厥 陰 — 少陽 jué yīn — shǎo yáng

11 xū  gǒu dog 7-9 pm   The 1st Watch

手厥 陰 經  shǒu jué yīn jīng

Cardinalis pericardialis yin flectentis manus

The Pericardium Meridian, 9.

12 hài  zhū hog 9-11 pm         The 2nd Watch

手少陽 經  shǒu shǎo yáng jīng

Cardinalis tricalorii yang minoris manus

The Triple Heater Meridian, 23.

1 zǐ  shǔ rat   11 pm-1 am   The 3rd Watch, Běi, N

腿少陽 經 tuǐ shǎo yáng jīng

Cardinalis fellea yang minoris pedis

The Gallbladder Meridian, 44.

2 chǒu  niú bull 1-3 am   The 4th Watch

腿厥 陰 經 tuǐ jué yīn jīng

Cardinalis hepatica yin flectentis pedis

The Liver Meridian, 14.

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