In 1987 I encountered a simple color photo of Sri Yantra for the first time in my life.  For six years I searched for the secret to its construction: how it could be drawn on paper in a mathematically irreproachable manner.  The ancient algorithm was found in the summer of 1993.  At that time, I made my first attempt to draw the Sri Yantra, unsuccessfully. Only on January 5 (1994) was every step in this miracle known exactly.  The Sri Yantra was printed out in my heart and the drawing lay on the desk.

Creating my own collection of the star polygons ( Sri Yantra and the More Difficult Star Polygons) took two years.  There are 32 graphical works in three folders, and eight years of my life compressed in one eye blink and one heartbeat.

Maybe I had been strongly bewitched many years ago by the beauty of these stars only but now in every second I still believe that there is no other symbol in any culture in the past two millennia that is a more perfect symbol for the whole human being in the universe. 

It is my hope that these short notes in the whole will help people to see and experience Sri Yantra in my way and discover a new viewpoint in the life.

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  1. I have been so looking for transliterations of the Neiye….thanks so much for what you have posted. I would so love it if you would post for the first two verses.

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