ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (A RED DRAGON AND WHITE TIGER NOTE): Zhăn chìlóng 斬赤龍 beheading the Red Dragon

zhan chilong tripods
Sometimes curious students ask about a difference between Chinese gymnastics for men and women. Well, in some complexes of physical exercises it is difficult to see such kind of variations until you will do private customization. From another point of view such differences definitely existed in strict neidan practice. Lets take a quote to illustrate this statement from the encyclopedia article written by Catherine Despeux.

“Menstrual blood is called Red Dragon (chìlóng 赤龍) in neidan, by analogy with male semen, which is called White Tiger (báihŭ 白虎)… ‘Beheading the Red Dragon’ takes place during the first of the three stages in the Ming and Qing system of neidan practice. In men, this stage consists of refining essence to transmute it into pneuma. In women, it consists of “refining of the form Great Yin,” which is achieved by developing inner concentration and by a controlled stimulation of sexual energy, especially through the massage of breasts.”—Catherine Despeux

If you don’t have a special goal in your mind any complex of exercises will be good enough. If you stick to something strict and classic, and special, this difference can be important to consider and use authoritative sources to achieve success in your practice. Very often not only regular people but specialist yet do want simple instructions and simple results in short time; speaking friendly it is not always the right way to solve the health problems. The easy idea to regulate your food habits can take years to fulfill, and it is not speaking about other ideas you definitely want to die with in the end of your life.