SRI YANTRA MASTER AND THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (MINI NOTES): Ishinpō 醫心方 Methods from the Heart of Medicine

“The Ishinpō (also transliterated as Ishimpō) presented in 984 to Emperor Enyuu (r. 970-84), was compiled by Tamba no Yasuyori (912-95), the official acupuncturist at the Japanese imperial court, and is the earliest extant work of Japanese medicine. Its importance for the history of Chinese medicine and Taoism lies in its quotations from 204 sources, most of which have long been lost” — Elisabeth Hsu, sinologist. By the way, Chinese reading of ‘Ishinpō’ sounds Yīxīnfāng, and hieroglyphs in the title are traditional, not simplified. 

Chapter (juan) 28 of 30 contains discussions on sexual techniques (fanzhong shu), and now we have a topic for conversation. The difficult topic. To get original text or quality translation definitely doesn’t look easy. In my case I could use only the full description and all available translation in the reprint of Sexual Life in Ancient China by R.H. Van Gulik, Leiden, 1974, and reading pp. 122-160 was quite a challenge due to extensive use of Latin by the author of this precious volume. Sometimes, I guess, translation into French, or Deutsch, or Russian, or another language can be complete and give the whole picture to readers, but it should be checked before you pay for the book 🙂

Recently, depending on my mood, I have two lists to read on subject introduced by 28th chapter of Ishinpō. The first is short, just two translation of the book written by R.H. Van Gulik in 1961. 

Frankly, the second list is much longer: 25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom, 50 Wild Sex Positions, 100 Hot Sex Positions, 365 Sex Moves Positions, 365 Sex Thrills Positions, Tricks and Techniques for an Erotic Year, Blow Her Mind, The Rise and Fall of the Penis, Sex Talk and the Sexual Martial Art, Sexopedia, the 12-Minute Sex Solution, The Anal Sex Position Guide, The Good Vibration Guide to Sex, The Joy of Sex, The Position Sex Bible, The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation, etc :)))

Well, if you want in the end to be educated and classy as Chinese and Japanese emperors were, you probably would choose the short list, and welcome to the club. 

Otherwise, no matter how eager people are to be familiar with the topic they cannot avoid the second list of choice, sort of.